U.I.M F1H20 World Championship

Established in 1985, F1H20 is the longest-running and most successful international powerboat racing competition in the world. As the world’s leading inshore powerboat race competition, it attracts scores of talents and spectators each year. Highly competitive, intensely challenging and risky with speeds that go up to 250 km per hour, the F1H20 competition is the highest-class of offshore powerboat racing in the world and the only powerboat race competition that is broadcasted live.

Each year, the top 20 drivers from 15 countries are selected to represent 10 teams with the goal of bringing home the ultimate glory – the U.I.M F1H20 World Championship trophy.

As the official promoter and organizer of the U.I.M F1H20 World Championship, Mactus Live took charge of managing and promoting the event, which took place over three days. A tailored content strategy comprising live streaming of results, real-time-updates of racers and photo and video footage was rolled out to keep audiences up-to-date.

With over 60 million viewers from across the world tuning in to watch the race live, 6,795,496 views on the official F1H20 website, 100 thousand “Likes” on their Facebook page and an outreach of 260 thousand online users, the U.I.M F1H20 World Championship was without a doubt – a tremendous success.