Avatar: Discover Pandora

AVATAR: Discover Pandora is inspired by and filled with the extraordinary creatures, breathtaking environments and unique culture of the James Cameron film, Avatar. GES, a global events provider, is partnering with Mactus Live, the leading entertainment service provider in Singapore to bring AVATAR: Discover Pandora to The Mall Bangkapi in Bangkok, Thailand, through 3 September 2017, for a two- month showcase.

At over 12,000-square-foot, Avatar: Discover Pandora presents visitors with the rare opportunity to journey into the otherworldly world of Pandora to explore its breathtaking lush landscapes through a series of highly immersive environments, meticulously curated to capture the incredibly diverse and exotic flora and fauna of Pandora along with the intricate culture and traditions of its mysterious, indigenous tribe, the Na’vi.

Visitors to this exhibition can look forward to an experience of a lifetime as they immerse in the visually striking beauty of Pandora, explore iconic landmarks such as the Tree of Souls and interact with life-sized recreations of the Banshee, Direhorse and Viperwolf.