Mactus specializes in the business of commercializing entertainment-based intellectual properties, marketing development and management of licensed and non-licensed attractions and shows.

With over 10 years of expertise and track record in the entertainment industry, Mactus positioned well in the markets to tap on the growing affluence of emerging middle and upper classes.

Based in Singapore, the home-grown company makes its presence in the entertainment industry in many Asian markets, including China, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Mactus expanded its office from Singapore to Bangkok, Beijing and Hong Kong (representative office) and is expected to expand its office in China.

The success of a blockbuster movie stems from its imaginative storyline, unforgettable characters and lavish sets, and further extended to the experiential activities associated with the movie. To recreate these spectacular experiences, an evolutionary concept emerged: Themed Shows – the forte of Mactus.

Our business strategy focuses on a three-pronged approach: Experience, Mobility, and Scalability. This mission also ensures our theme shows are mobile, modular and possess multiple revenue streams.


In all our shows, we are proud to introduce the concept of Total Immersion Experience (TIE) — a highly innovative idea in entertainment with immense prospects for exponential growth. This unique form of experience is also ahead of the sensory entertainment evolution curve.


Despite the market differentiations, theme shows are able to cross all geographical and cultural boundaries. To ensure our shows travel worldwide, we place emphasis on understanding these differences while catering to the needs of both local and global markets at the same time.


Depending on your requirements, we are able to effectively scale our shows accordingly for all cities across the globe, regardless of size, complexity, demographics and appreciation of entertainment.